Health Guarantee

This guarantee is between Ivory Paws Labradors, the Seller, and the Purchaser.

The Seller guarantees that this puppy is healthy to the best of our knowledge. The Seller agrees that the puppy will have its first vaccinations and be dewormed. If a genetic condition that is guaranteed by the seller is found within the first 26 months that will affect the puppy’s long-term health then the Purchaser will contact the Seller and provide test results, diagnosis, and reports in writing from a licensed Veterinarian regarding the findings. The Seller agrees to fully refund the purchase price or offer a new puppy from a future litter if your puppy is found to have a genetic  condition affecting the puppy’s long-term health by the age of 26 months.  This does not include allergies or food sensitivities. All veterinary testing, appointments, and investigations costs are the Purchaser’s responsibility.

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The puppy is guaranteed free from EIC, PRCD, DM, and CNM.

The puppy is guaranteed to be free of hip and elbow dysplasia until 26 months. The hip and elbow evaluation must be done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). If your puppy has been diagnosed with moderately to severely dysplastic hips or elbows, the findings need to be forwarded to the Seller by 26 months of age for the health guarantee.

Also, a licensed veterinarian report must be included stating that the abnormality is not related to environmental causes, excessive weight, accidents, bites, or overexertion. The puppy must also not have been purposefully or accidentally bred.

Your puppy is guaranteed a passing eye examination until 26 months. If your puppy is diagnosed with genetic eye problems before the age of 26 months, please forward the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) statement confirming the diagnosis to the Seller. A licensed Veterinary Ophthalmologist must complete the examination. Also, forward a copy of the genetic testing for this condition.

The puppy is sold with non-breeding rights and will receive a Limited Registration with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). If the puppy is purposefully or accidentally bred, this guarantee is void.

The puppy must not be spayed or neutered before 20 months.  Spaying and neutering before puberty can have negative consequences, including an increased risk of cancers, tumors, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, and aggression. The hormones produced in the testes and ovaries are essential for your puppy’s development, and this health guarantee will be void if your puppy is altered before 20 months.

This guarantee applies only to the original Purchaser of the puppy and cannot be transferred. If any of these medical issues are present before 26 months, the Purchaser can keep the puppy and receive a full refund OR keep the puppy and get another puppy from a future litter when available.  Once a puppy is with their forever family there are no refunds except for the above stated reasons.

Ivory Paws Labradors is not responsible for the death or loss of a puppy once it leaves our premises. This includes but is not limited to theft, sickness, injury, accident, or any other loss out of the Seller’s control.

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